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Slide-Out Leaks

Slide-Out Leaks - Maintenance

Leaky Slide-Out Roofs

The innovation of slide-out rooms in RV's have dramatically changed RVing. They have made RV's much more spacious and liveable. However, as with any new innovation comes problems. A very common problem is water coming into the RV from somewhere on the slide room roof. Since the slide rooms move in and out on a regular basis, any part of the slide-out that continually rubs on any other part of the RV is subject to deterioration and breakdown of, at minimum, the sealants. Attempting to find and fix such a leak caused by the breakdown of sealants can be very frustrating, because even a pinhole in the sealant will eventually let water into the RV. This is a common problem in any RV with slide-outs, from travel trailers to luxury motorhomes. The addition of slide-topper awnings will help, if your RV doesn't already have them; but usually will not solve the problem as, most likely, the problem is on the roof of the slide-out itself and even with slide-toppers, water will find a way to get inside if there is any compromise in the roof seams or roof material itself.

Slide-Out Leaks - Eternabond Roof Tape Repair

Slide-Out & Roof Repair

The best solution that I've found yet, to fix a leaky slide-out roof is the application a product called Eternabond OneStep Miracle RV Roof Tape. More then 25 high-end RV manufacturers now use Eternabond products in the manufacturing and slide-out roof repair of their coaches to ensure their customers will truly have a weather tight, leak-proof RV. OneStep has built in primers so minimal cleaning is necessary, and it has a flexible UV stable backing so no additional coating is required. It also comes with a built-in surface prep pad. Eternabond OneStep is so fast and easy that even someone who is not mechanically inclined will be able to perform roof maintenance and repairs so effectively that they will probably never have to be repeated.

Roof Repair - Eternabond Roof Tape Repair

I was first made aware of this product when I took my coach to the American Coach Service Center this summer. I complained that there was a leak somewhere on my slide-out roof that was causing my carpet to get wet when it rained. I had sealed around the seams and edges with the best sealant available, but it still leaked. At the Service Center, the technicians applied Eternabond around the perimeter of the roof on each of my four slide-outs. I observed the application to be a two-person operation and was told that Eternabond when applied to the roof surface, heats up and becomes very aggressive, i.e., it sticks quickly and once stuck it is very difficult to remove. Therefore, it must be placed perfectly the first time as it permanently bonds to the roof. First the roof was cleaned and any silicone sealant was removed. Then, they cut pieces the length and width of each slide and positioned each piece of Eternabond at the corner edge of the slide roof and ran it both the length and width of the slide. The tape is 4 inches wide and is placed along the edge of the slide and covers the existing seam where the roofing material is held in place with a piece of angle iron. The entire perimeter was then sealed from the edge to 4 inches in from the edge with Eternabond and it was overlapped at each corner to ensure a watertight seal. As a note of caution, I was advised by our service team leader that, because of the aggressive sticking nature of this product, that they put each roll of Eternabond in the freezer for half an hour or so before application so that they have a little more time to work with it before it really sets up and becomes permanent.

Following our departure from the Service Center we headed for the Southwest where we encountered some severe and torrential downpours when we were camping in Northern New Mexico. Before the Eternabond was applied to our roof, in this severe rainstorm we would have been drenched, however this time we were completely dry inside. That speaks for itself!

Eternabond Product Review

Eternabond OneStep Miracle RV Roof Tape

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