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RV Sealant Inspection & Repair

RV Sealant Inspection & Repair

Sealant Inspection

The adhesives and sealants used in the construction of each motorhome were developed to remain waterproof under sustained effects of weather and vibration. However, even the finest materials will eventually dry out and lose their effectiveness under the constant heat of the sun and attack by other elements. This section outlines the procedures you must follow to maintain the weatherproof integrity of your motorhome.

Your dealer can perform the resealing inspection and work for you. Your dealer also has current information on the individual sealants used in your motorhome, and can recommend the appropriate sealants for you if you prefer to do this work yourself. Always use the recommended sealants as there are specific sealants for various different applications.

Failure to seal could cause serious damage and will affect your warranty.

It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the sealants around all windows and doors at least every THREE MONTHS. Also inspect roof vents, other roof components, moldings at front and real caps, and perimeter moulding. If any of the following defects are evident during inspection, the affected areas must be re-sealed:

  • Excessive amount of sealant protruding from joints
  • Sealant cracked or peeling
  • Voids in sealant

NOTE: Do not seal the bottom flanges of windows and doors. Special gaps in the sealant have been intentionally left in the bottom flange to provide exterior drainage in the event of leakage.

RV Sealants

Sealants used in Specific Applications on the motorhome:

Surebond SB-140 Architectural ELASTOMERIC RUBBER Sealant (White): To seal around smoked roof skylight

RV Sealant Inspection & Repair - Surebond SB-140

Sikaflex 255 FC Technique Adhesive-Sealant Systems (Black): To seal around windshield

RV Sealant Inspection & Repair - Sikaflex 225 FC

Geocel 2300 MHRV Vehicle Body Sealant (White): Roof seams or body where white sealant can be used

RV Sealant Inspection & Repair - Geocel 2300 MHRV

Alpha Systems Self Leveling Sealant 1015 (White): To seal roof plumbing vent caps, TV antenna, vent fans

RV Sealant Inspection & Repair - Alpha Systems Self Leveling Sealant

Geocel 2300 Construction Tripolymer Sealant (Clear): Sidewalls, Body, Windows where clear sealant is to be used

RV Sealant Inspection & Repair - Geocel 2300 Construction Sealant

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