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Cleaning RV Holding Tanks and Sensors

Maintenance - Cleaning Holding Tanks

RV Holding Tanks and Sensors

With all of the electronics on today's coaches, it is important to keep the electronic holding tank sensors operating properly so that they read accurately. If they become fouled with debris or solid waste matter that clings to them from inside the tank, accurate tank level readings may be adversely affected causing the coach owner not to know how full the tanks actually are. This might cause serious problems such as inadvertent tank overflow, therefore it is important to keep these sensors clean. This can be accomplished by the following procedure:

Before driving to a destination at least 20 miles away, drain both the gray and black water holding tanks. Then fill both tanks about one third full with clean water. Add about 1/3rd to 1/2 cup of Blue Dawn Dishwashing Detergent to each tank. Add the detergent to the black tank via the toilet and to the gray tank through the kitchen sink. Flush enough water after adding the detergent so that all the detergent goes into the tank.....probably about a gallon. Then drive to your destination. When you reach your destination, drain both tanks. This procedure will help clean the tank sensors and lubricate the dump valves.

Note: You may have to repeat this procedure several times to really get the sensors clean.

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