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Relocating the Cummins ISL Engine Oil Dipstick

 Relocating the Engine Oil Dipstick Maintenance

Cummins ISL Oil Dipstick

I have found that the engine oil dipstick on the Cummins ISL needs to be relocated. The tube that houses the engine oil dipstick on some of these engines is touching the manifold and as the manifold heats up it will, in time, melt the tube causing engine oil to come out under pressure and make a huge mess all over the engine compartment and the tow car as well. We have had several reports in our club and from other clubs that this has actually happened and it was not a pretty picture. A little preventative maintenance is well worth it, therefore, if you have this engine you should check out this situation immediately and if the yellow tube that houses the engine oil dipstick is touching the manifold, it needs to be relocated and securely fastened away from the manifold, turbo or any other parts that heat up. If you see this situation, please attend to it immediately, before it's too late. If you have your service advisor look at the situation and if the dipstick housing is touching the manifold they should be able to relocate it so that it runs freely and touches nothing and can be securely fastened to the cross member or another fitting located below the transmission dipstick. It is also important that the relocation of the engine oil dipstick be done such that it is easily accessible to retrieve it from its housing to check the engine oil level. There is a vertical support strut that might be in the way and is positioned such that it might be difficult to remove the dipstick, if this isn't taken into account when the relocation process is performed.

Engine Oil Dipstick Close-Up

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