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Motorhome Air-Brake System Adjustment

Motorhome Air Brake System

Subject: Adjusting the Automatic Slack Adjusters of the Air Brake System

It is advisable for motorhome owners to have at least a rudimentary concept of air braking systems. The diagrams above illustrate the various parts of the air brake system so that the owner/operator can get a visual picture of the brake system, which is one of the most important safety parts of any motorhome.

When the brakes are applied by pushing on the brake pedal the brakes will operate by air forced through a system of air pressure from air stored in the brake chamber which exerts force on the push rod. The push rod, through the slack adjuster, uses the force to rotate the brake cam shaft. The brake cam forces the shoes away from one another, pressing them against the inside of the brake drum to stop the wheel from spinning freely. When the brake pedal is released the springs pull the brake shoes away from the brake drum again allowing the wheel to spin freely.

The slack adjuster is the part of the braking system that should be adjusted frequently so that the braking system is always working properly. Consult your owner's manual for proper slack adjustment procedure (see: "Warning" below).

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