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We have tried to list each major RV maintenance and collision repair facility or factory authorized warranty service center in the state of New Jersey, with service centers in the cities of Atlantic City, Atlantic Highlands, Berlin, Branchville, Bridgeton, Camden, Clifton, East Orange, Elizabeth, Farmingdale, Jersey City, Newark, Oak Ridge, Ocean View, Paterson, Trenton, Turnersville, Union City, Williamstown and Winslow Township NJ.

We have tried to list each major RV maintenance repair facility and service center in New Jersey, providing all of their relevant contact information. We have also included dealers with on-site RVDA/RVIA certified technicians, Caterpillar (Cat) and Cummins diesel engine service centers; Allison, Arvin Meritor and ZF (Ecomat) transmission and/or driveline service centers; and Ford, Freightliner, GM and Spartan Chassis service facilities.

If there is a service facility that you are aware of, which is not on this list, please help us improve our database by going to the add a service center page.

New Jersey RV Service

Map of New Jersey

RV Service & Repair in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Driftwood RV Center, Atlantic City

6623 Rt. 322
Egg Harbor Twp (Atlantic City), New Jersey 08234

(888) 350-4678

Driftwood RV is a full service RV dealership with "State-of-the-art facilities * Industry-trained technicians"

RV Service & Repair in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

Risco RV

25 W. Highland Avenue
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey 07716

(732) 872-7722

RV Service Center: "Risco has technicians (Certified Master Technicians) specializing in electrical, electronics, mechanical, hydraulic, fabrication, plumbing, HVAC, generators, and power plant technologies."

RV Service & Repair in Berlin, New Jersey

Stone's Camping World

127 N Route 73
Berlin, New Jersey 08009

(888) 540-3829

"Stone's Camping World's service staff of certified technicians are ready to assist you in warranty work, installations, repairs, custom work and collision repairs for all travel trailers or pop-up camper trailers. 3 large bays will accommodate any size vehicle from pop-up to motorhome."

RV Service & Repair in Branchville, New Jersey

Escape RV Center

109 Route 206
Branchville, New Jersey 07826

(973) 948-3800

"EscapeRV is your number one source for professional maintenance, installations or specialty work. Quality repairs on your RV - every time! Roof Repairs or Replacements, Floor Repairs or Replacements, Satellite Installations, Roof A/C Installations, Leveling System Repairs, Slide-Out Repairs, Appliance Repairs, Plumbing Leaks, Winterizations"

RV Service & Repair in Bridgeton, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Camden, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Clermont, New Jersey

Driftwood RV Center

1975 Rt. 9 North Routes 9 and 83
Clermont, New Jersey 08210

(800) 624-3743

Driftwood RV is a full service RV dealership

RV Service & Repair in East Orange, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Jersey City, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Newark, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Newfield, New Jersey

Crossroads Trailer Sales

1230 Harding Highway
Newfield, New Jersey 08344

(856) 697-4497

"With over 20 years experience in RV repairs our technicians are experienced to meet and exceed all of your service needs from a major insurance repair to a new roof on your trailer, to any major problem."

RV Service & Repair in Oak Ridge, New Jersey

Garick R.V. Service Center

3134 State Route 23 North
Oak Ridge, New Jersey 07438

(973) 208-6666

"Garick Service is your NJ RV Repair Center with trained and certified technicians to help you with all of your RV service needs from oil changes to custom installation and fabrication."

RV Service & Repair in Ocean View, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Trenton, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Turnersville, New Jersey

Hitch RV

4121 Route 42
Turnersville, New Jersey 08012

(888) 448-2478

"Hitch RV has one of the most complete RV Parts and Accessories inventory in New Jersey... We also offer outstanding RV Service..."

RV Service & Repair in Wall Township, New Jersey

No Listings

RV Service & Repair in Williamstown, New Jersey

White Horse RV Center

980 N Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, New Jersey 08094

(856) 262-1717

"At White Horse RV Center our certified, factory trained team of technicians are prepared to handle all of your service needs. Our Service Techs are experienced in everything from a simple oil change to major roof and slide out repairs, to installation of tow and hitch systems and most accessories, and much more."

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