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Haulmark manufactures a full line of enclosed cargo trailers for transporting race cars and show cars (stacker trailers), ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles, as well as a line of motorized Class-A motorcoaches (toterhomes and conversion trucks) sold under the Haulmark Motorcoach brand. Haulmark is part of Universal Trailer Corporation (Universal Trailer Holdings Corp.) in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Haulmark motorhomes feature a Freightliner chassis and come in lengths from 24' to 44'. Models include the 24CMH, 282DS, 304DS, 306SIB, 3301DS, 3301QS, 3303TS, 3306SIB and 329DS Motorhome. The Haulmark 'Motor Garage' toy haulers feature extra large garage space married to luxury living space. Their 'Sport Deck' conversions are designed to tow a stacker-style race car trailer (such as Haulmark's Stacker RT or Edge automotive trailer), toy hauler trailer or large gooseneck horse trailer, and feature a small living space up front.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: Founded in 1977
Corp Headquarters: Bristol, IN
Chairman (CEO): Tom Frey (UTC)
Employees: 1,850 (UTC) (Manta.com)
Annual Gross Sales: ?(2005 est)
Market Share: ? (2007 est)
Parent Company: Universal Trailer Corporation
Company Phone Number: (800) 348-7530
Company Website: www.haulmark.com

Dealer Search

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in the South-Western US

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in the North-Western US

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in the Mountain States

Bish's RV Supercenter

3911 North 5th East
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401

(208) 529-4386

Haulmark Utility Trailers Dealership

Bish's RV Supercenter

3385 Hawthorne Road
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

(208) 232-4386

Haulmark Utility Trailers Dealership

Bish's RV Supercenter

21396 Hwy 30
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

(208) 293-9100

Haulmark Utility Trailers Dealership

Midway Trailer Sales & Service, Inc.

600 3rd Street NE
St. Lawrence, South Dakota 57373

(605) 853-2103

Haulmark Utility Trailers Dealership

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in the Mid-West

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Beaver Camper

721 Springfield Street
Feeding Hills (Agawam), Massachusetts 01030

(413) 786-0596

Haulmark Trailers Dealer

Wilderness Trailer Sales

734 Central Street
Franklin, New Hampshire 03235

(603) 934-6607

Haulmark Cargo Trailers

Trailer City Commack

1100 East Jericho Tpke
Commack, New York 11725

(631) 864-9494

New York State Haulmark Trailer Dealership

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Bluegrass Trailer Sales

8860 S Preston Hwy
Lebanon Junction, Kentucky 40150

(877) 833-3434

Travel Trailers


Golden Gait Trailers

5051 Davidson Hwy (Hwy 73)
Concord, North Carolina 28027

(800) 895-3276

Haulmark Motorcoaches, Conversion Trucks, Toterhomes and trailers

Haulmark Trailer & Motorcoach Dealers in Canada

Ruston RV Centre

1428 Plains Road West
Burlington, Ontario L7T 1H6 Canada

(905) 525-8760


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