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Georgie Boy Company Profile

Georgie Boy motorhomes is a division of Coachmen Industries, Inc. in Middlebury, Indiana, also known as the Coachmen RV Group. Coachmen was founded in 1964 by Tom, Keith and Claude Corson.

Georgie Boy is a niche manufacturer of luxury Class-A motorhomes, and Class-C motorhomes. Class A models include the luxury diesel Cruise Master 2740FWS built on a Workhorse UFO R26 chassis, the Pursuit 3100 DS, 3540 DS and 3550 TS, built on a Ford/Workhorse F-53/W20 chassis. Their Class C model is the Maverick by Georgie Boy 213 QB and 223 RK built on a Chevy chassis, and the 290 QB built on a Chevy or Ford chassis.

In November of 2008, Coachman Industries ceased operations, selling its remaining RV assets to Forest River (source: www.indianaeconomicdigest.net). Forest River is now owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Holdings.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: Founded in 1964
Corp Headquarters: Middlebury, Indiana
Chairman (CEO): Claire C. Skinner
Employees: (?)
Annual Gross Sales: (?)
Parent Company: Coachmen Industries, Inc.
Ticker Symbol: NYSE: COA (now OTC: COHM)
Company Phone Number: (574) 262-0123
Company Website: www.georgieboy.com

Dealer Search

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in the South-Western US

Holiday Motorhomes

2661 East Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85213

(866) 926-1378

Arizona Georgie Boy Motorhomes Dealer

Sun City RV

8833 North Black Canyon Highway
Phoenix, Arizona 85021

(602) 678-4040

Georgie Boy Motorhomes Dealership

Pedata RV Sales Center

4933 S. Outlet Center Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85706

(888) 545-8314

Georgie Boy Motorhomes Dealer

Bears RV

753 Truman Street
San Fernando, California 91340

(818) 361-2500

Southern California Georgie Boy RV Dealership

Myers RV Center

12024 Central Avenue S.E.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123

(800) 748-2078

Dealer for Georgie Boy Motorhomes

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in the North-Western US

Blue Crick RV

13915 West Sunset Highway
Airway Heights, Washington 99001

(888) 280-9944

Georgie Boy Dealer

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in the Mountain States

Dennis Dillon RV

6560 Targee Street
Boise, Idaho 83709

(208) 562-8901

Idaho Georgie Boy Dealership

Sierra RV Sales

1200 N. Main
Sunset, Utah 84015

(801) 728-9988

Utah Georgie Boy RV Dealership

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Sullivan RV Sales

7982 N US Highway 27
Decatur, Indiana 46733

(800) 720-0484

Indiana Georgie Boy Dealer

Mount Comfort RV

5935 West 225 North
Greenfield, Indiana 46140

(317) 898-6676

Indiana Georgie Boy Dealer

Hamilton's RV

1580 Tittabawassee Road
Saginaw, Michigan 48604

(877) 752-6263

Michigan Georgie Boy Dealer

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Hi-Way Campers, Inc.

992 Norwich Road
Plainfield, Connecticut 06374

(800) 524-8978

Georgie Boy Dealership

Webb's RV Center

1206 Hammond Street
Bangor, Maine 04401

(800) 339-5668

Georgie Boy Dealer

Albany RV

1101 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12205

(518) 459-4695

New York Georgie Boy Motorhome Dealership

Arlington R.V. Supercenter

966 Quaker Lane
East Greenwich, Rhode Island 02818

(401) 884-7550

Georgie Boy Dealership

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Crabtree RV Center

400 Heather Lane
Alma, Arkansas 72921

(800) 251-6816

Arkansas Georgie Boy Dealer

Giant Recreation World RV

1385 N. U.S. Hwy 1
Daytona Beach (Ormond Beach), Florida 32174

(888) 662-8032

Florida Georgie Boy Dealer

Giant Recreation World RV

5270 N. U.S. Hwy 1
Melbourne, Florida 32940

(888) 662-8035

Florida Georgie Boy Dealer

Giant Recreation World RV

13906 West Colonial Drive
Winter Garden (Orlando), Florida 34787

(888) 662-8031

Florida Georgie Boy Dealer

A&L RV Sales

4503 Bristol Hwy
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

(423) 282-5861

Tennessee Georgie Boy Dealership

Georgie Boy RV Dealers in Canada

Sunridge RV

63 Kingsview Rd SE
Airdrie, Alberta T4A 0A8 Canada

(866) 945-2526

Pursuit Class A Motorhomes by Georgie Boy

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