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Excel / Peterson Industries, Inc. Company Profile

Peterson Industries of Smith Center, Kansas was founded in 1966 by Leonard and Blanche Peterson and their son, Vaughn Peterson, starting out as a manufacturer of travel trailers. Peterson Industries is a specialty niche manufacturer of towable, luxury fifth-wheel trailers sold under the brand name "Excel."

The company was responsible for several innovations which included ducted roof air conditioning, dual sofa incliners, a one piece rubber roof, and their drop "Z" main frame.

Towable fifth wheel models include the Excel Classic, Excel Limited, Excel RT, and the Excel Wild Cargo toy hauler. The Excel Limited includes such luxury amenities as a pillowtop mattress with box springs, china toilet, HD LCD televisions, LED taillights, and "new generation hydraulic extension system" for slide-outs and jacks. The Excel "RT" model is designed to be toed over rougher terrain with a beefed up chassis frame and suspension system.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: Founded in 1966
Corp Headquarters: Smith Center, Kansas
Chairman (CEO): Bryan Tillett (Pres)
Employees: 100–249 (manta.com est)
Annual Gross Sales: $100 to 500 million (manta.com est)
Market Share: (?)
Ticker Symbol: Privately Owned
Company Phone Number: (800) 368-3759
Company Website: www.excelrvs.com

Dealer Search

Excel RV Dealers in the South-Western US

Dillon's RV

10310 East Apache Trail
Apache Junction, Arizona 85220

(888) 522-8926

Excel Fifth Wheel and Toy Hauler Dealer

R.V. Sales and Service

2109 Route 66 West
Moriarty, New Mexico 87035

(877) 932-2400

Excel Classic, Limited, RT and Wild Cargo Fifth Wheel and Toy Hauler Dealer

Excel RV Dealers in the North-Western US

George M Sutton RV

2400 W. 7th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97402

(800) 256-9832

Excel Fifth Wheel and Toy Hauler Dealer

Excel RV Dealers in the Mountain States

Gardner's RV and Trailer Center

3100 Hwy 93 South
Kalispell, Montana 59903

(406) 752-7683

Excel Fifth Wheel and Toy Haulers

Sierra RV Sales

1200 N. Main
Sunset, Utah 84015

(801) 728-9988

Excel Fifth Wheel and Toy Haulers by Peterson RV

Stalkup's RV Superstore

501 W. Yellowstone Hwy.
Casper, Wyoming 82601

(307) 577-9350

Wyoming Excel RV Dealership

Excel RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Colman's Country Campers

4600 Rising Moon Road
Springfield, Illinois 62711

(866) 867-2267

Excel Dealership

Holiday Hour RV

350 W. Lincoln Hwy
Cortland, Illinois 60112

(815) 756-9438

Illinois Excel Dealers

The RV Experience

5701 Elmwood Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

(317) 786-6575


Four Seasons RV Acres

2502 Mink Road
Abilene, Kansas 67410

(800) 658-4667

Excel by Peterson

Chetopa R.V. Center Inc.

529 N. 11th Street
Chetopa, Kansas 67336

(620) 236-7928

Excel Dealership

Wilder RV

1011 Clark Street
Clinton, Missouri 64735

(800) 357-5790

Excel Dealership

Larry's RV Sales and Service

1802 E 4th Street
North Platte, Nebraska 69101

(308) 532-5474

Nebraska Excel Fifth Wheels by Peterson Ind. Dealership

Jack's Campers

I-90 Exits 40 & 44
Piedmont (Black Hills), South Dakota 57769

(877) 356-1812

Excel by Peterson Industries Dealership

Jack's Campers

I-90 Exit 330
Mitchell, South Dakota 57301

(800) 356-1812

Excel by Peterson Industries Dealership

Excel RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Bradford RV Centers

1906 Main Street (Rt. 28)
Brockton, Massachusetts 02301

(800) 696-4137

Massachusetts Excel Fifth-Wheel Trailer Dealership

Bradford RV Centers

778 New State Hwy (Rt. 44)
Raynham, Massachusetts 02767

(800) 339-3801

Massachusetts Excel Fifth-Wheel Trailer Dealership

Fretz RV

3479 Bethlehem Pike
Souderton, Pennsylvania 18964

(800) 673-7389

Pennsylvania Excel Fifth-Wheel Trailer Dealership

Excel RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Excel RV Dealers in Canada

Travel Tyme RV World

3580 Edwards Road
Kelowna, BC V1X 7R7 Canada

(888) 418-5588

Excel 5th Wheel Dealer in British Columbia, Canada

Trailica, Inc.

1021 Limoges Road
Limoges, ON T1Y 3R2 Canada

(613) 443-7332

Excel Classic, Excel Limited, Excel RT and Excel Wild Cargo Fifth Wheels

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