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EverGreen Recreational Vehicles, LLC Company Profile

The EverGreen Recreational Vehicles company of Middlebury, Indiana was founded in 2008 by Kelly L. Rose. EverGreen is a niche manufacturer of "sustainable, eco-friendly" travel trailers sold under the Ever-Lite TT brand name. Ever-Lite trailers are constructed using composite materials (ComposiTek) that are lighter than traditional wood frames and substrates, and less burdensome on the environment. Composite materials also resist water, rot, mold and mildew which have a detrimental effect on wood construction materials, and they contain no formaldehyde preservatives.

EverGreen Recreational Vehicles purchased the assets and composite technologies of Pilgrim International — also located in Middlebury, Indiana — and has retained many of its employees. Ever-Lite travel trailers come in a variety of floorplan layouts and lengths from 25 (Ever-Lite 25 RB) feet to 33 feet (Ever-Lite 33QB). Ever-Lite trailers are offered with a three year structural warranty, a two year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a twelve year warranty on roofing materials.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: Founded in 2008
Corp Headquarters: Middlebury, Indiana
Chairman (Pres): Douglas M. Lantz
Employees: (2007 est)
Annual Gross Sales: (?)
Market Share: (?)
Ticker Symbol: Privately Owned
Company Phone Number: (830) 625-5500
Company Website: www.goevergreenrv.com

Dealer Search

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in the South-Western US

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in the North-Western US

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in the Mountain States

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Hilmerson RV Center

14884 113th Street
Little Falls, Minnesota 56345

(800) 856-4065

Minnesota Evergreen RV Dealership

Lake Country RV Inc.

7717 Lake May Road
Walker, Minnesota 56484

(218) 547-3381

Minnesota Ever-Lite by Evergreen RV Dealer

Colerain RV - Cincinnati Ohio RV

3491 Struble Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

(513) 923-3600

Ohio Everlite by EverGreen RV Dealership

Midwest RV - Dayton Ohio RV Dealer

1100 Brandt Pike
Dayton, Ohio 45404

(937) 236-0200

Ohio Everlite by EverGreen RV Dealer

Vogt RV Center

5624 Airport Freeway
Fort Worth, Texas 76117

(817) 831-1800

Texas EverGreen RV Dealer

Coulee Region RV Center

W 3262 Cty Hwy B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669

(608) 786-2244

Wisconsin EverGreen RV Dealership

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Highland Orchards RV Sales

118 Pendelton Hill Road RT#49
North Stonington, Connecticut 06359

(860) 599-5101

Connecticut EverGreen RV Dealership

Delmarva RV Center

702 Milford-Harrington Highway
Milford, Delaware 19963

(800) 843-0003

Evergreen RV Dealership

Beckley's Camping Center

11109 Angleberger Road
Thurmont, Maryland 21788

(301) 898-3300

Evergreen RV Dealership

Driftwood RV Center, Atlantic City

6623 Rt. 322
Egg Harbor Twp (Atlantic City), New Jersey 08234

(888) 350-4678

New Jersey EverGreen RV Dealership

Driftwood RV Center

1975 Rt. 9 North Routes 9 and 83
Clermont, New Jersey 08210

(800) 624-3743

New Jersey EverGreen RV Dealership

Ballantyne RV & Marine

7447 Route 96
Victor, New York 14564

(866) 924-9161

New York EverGreen RV Dealership

Tom Schaeffer's RV

1236 Pottsville Pike
Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania 19555

(877) 217-2444

Pennsylvania EverGreen RV Dealers

Kelly Mobile Homes & RV Sales

60 Old Rt 15, Box 117
West Milton, Pennsylvania 17886

(570) 568-6984

Pennsylvania EverGreen RV Dealers

McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV

11525 Sun Shade Lane
Ashland, Virginia 23005

(804) 550-7323

Virginia EverGreen RV Dealership

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Summit RV Sales

6611 US 60
Ashland, Kentucky 41102

(606) 928-6795

Dealer for Ever-Lite travel trailers by EverGreen

Bill Plemmons RV World

6725 University Parkway
Rural Hall (Winston Salem), North Carolina 27045

(888) 746-2351

Ever Green Recreational Vehicles Dealership

Bill Plemmons RV World

4208 New Bern Avenue
Raleigh, North Carolina 27610

(800) 820-8710

Ever Green Recreational Vehicles Dealership

Jody's RV

1425 Hwy 72/221 East
Greenwood, South Carolina 29649

(864) 227-6500

South Carolina EverGreen RV Dealership

EverGreen Ever-Lite RV Dealers in Canada

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