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Dynamax Company Profile

The Dynamax Corporation, located in Elkhart, Indiana, manufactures a unique line of aerodynamically designed, Class-A luxury recreational vehicles, which are built on a conventional "over-the-road" truck chassis with, a truck-style cab. With this unusual design scheme, Dynamax claim a level of drivability, stability and safety that is unlike a conventional bus-conversion type luxury coach.

Luxury Class-A models include the Dynamax Grand Sport Ultra, Grand Sport GT, DynaQuest ST, XL, DynaSport UTV and Starflyte Class C motorhome. The company also builds a similarly-styled line of Class-C motorhomes which are referred to as "Touring Sedans." Dynamax claims that their Class-C models offer "best in class" luxury and performance, and all models feature such luxury appointments as ultraleather upholstery, hardwood accents, and Dynamax's "DynaRide" air suspension system which creates a "car-like" ride. Dynamax Class C models include the Isata E-Series and Isata F-Series.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: Founded in 1997
Corp Headquarters: Elkhart, Indiana
Chairman (CEO): Dewayne Creighton Jr.
Employees: 150 (2007 est)
Annual Gross Sales: $18,400,000 (manta.com 06)
Ticker Symbol: Privately Owned
Company Phone Number: (574) 262-3474
Company Website: www.dynamaxcorp.com

Dealer Search

Dynamax RV Dealers in the South-Western US

McMahon's RV

5060 Scotts Valley Drive
Scotts Valley, California 95066

(866) 762-3873

Dynamax Dealer

McMahon's RV

6441 Burt Road #10
Irvine, California 92618

(866) 762-3873

Dynamax Starflyte Dealer

McMahon's RV

77850 Varner Road
Palm Desert, California 92211

(760) 200-2311

Dynamax Starflyte Dealer

McMahon's RV

1313 Rv Center Drive #12
Colton, California 92324

(760) 200-2311

Dynamax Starflyte Dealer

Traveland USA

6441 Burt Road
Irvine, California 92618

(888) 725-3478

Southern California Dynamax Dealer

Richardson's RV

26776 Encanto Drive
Menifee, California 92585

(866) 864-9810

Southern California Dynamax Dealer

Richardson's RV

10717 Indiana Avenue
Riverside, California 92503

(877) 205-8820

Southern California Dynamax Dealer

Richardson's RV - Temecula

27590 Jefferson Avenue
Temecula, California 92590

(888) 282-6611

Southern California Dynamax Dealer

Dynamax RV Dealers in the North-Western US

RV Dealers in the Mountain States

Dynamax RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Dynamax RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Endless Summer RV's

7633 Devilbiss Bridge Road
Frederick, Maryland 21701

(301) 898-9848

Dealer for DynaQuest Class C Motorhomes by Dynamax

Crossroads RV Center

3 Chalet Road
Middleboro, Massachusetts 02346

(800) 784-9689

Massachusetts Dynamax Dealership

Dynamax RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Hood RV Center, Inc.

3504 Deere Road SE
Decatur, Alabama 35603

(800) 486-0963

Dynamax Dealer

Carolina Coach

3300 Centennial Blvd.
Claremont, North Carolina 28610

(800) 305-9045

Isata by Dynamax Dealership

RV Superstore of Mocksville

462 Interstate Drive
Mocksville, North Carolina 27028

(866) 369-7435

Dynamax Coach Dealer

Dynamax RV Dealers in Canada

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