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CT Coachworks LLC Company Profile

CT (Crean-Thomas) Coachworks LLC of Riverside, California was founded by Fleetwood founder John Crean, along with his son-in-law Steve Thomas, wife, Susan Thomas. CT Coachworks is a nich manufacturer of Class A motor homes.

The CT Coachworks Siena 39B and 35V uses a Workhorse W22 chassis with a GM Vortec V-8 engine. CT Coachworks is no longer in business.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: 7
Corp Headquarters: Riverside, CA
Chairman (Pres): Steve Thomas
Employees: 11 (manta.com est)
Annual Gross Sales: (?)
Market Share: N/A
Ticker Symbol: Privately Owned
Company Phone Number: (951) 680-9400
Company Website: www.sienamotorhome.com

CT Coachworks RV Dealers in California

Alpine Recreation RV

16725 Condit Avenue
Morgan Hill, California 95037

CT Coachworks

CT Coachworks RV Dealers in Nevada

Johnnie Walker RV Center

4784 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

(877) 879-4750

Siena 35V by CT Coachworks

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