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Canterbury Recreational Park Homes (Dna Enterprises, Inc.) Company Profile

Dna Enterprises, Inc. and Canterbury Park Homes is a specialty niche manufacturer of park model homes, destination trailers and custom mobile homes. Canterbury was founded in 1984 and is located in Goshen, Indiana.

Park models include the Canterbury 8' Wide, 8' Wide Loft, 11' Wide, 12' Wide and CSA 12' Wide units which all feature 8-inch I-beam construction and a variety of floorplan options and cathedral ceilings.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: Founded in 1984
Corp Headquarters: Goshen, IN
Chairman (Pres.): Kevin Wells
Employees: 20 to 49 (manta.com)
Annual Gross Sales: $10-$20 million (manta.com)
Market Share: N/A
Parent Company: DNA Enterprises Inc.
Company Phone Number: (574) 534-0034
Company Website: www.canterburyrv.com

Dealer Search

Canterbury RV Dealers in the South-Western US

Canterbury RV Dealers in the North-Western US

Canterbury RV Dealers in the Mountain States

Canterbury RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Lake Country RV Inc.

7717 Lake May Road
Walker, Minnesota 56484

(218) 547-3381

Canterbury Park Models RV Dealership

Ted's RV Land

28501 E State Highway 55
Paynesville, Minnesota 56362

(320) 243-3288

Canterbury Park Models RV Dealership

Clare-Mar Lakes RV Sales

47571 New London Eastern Road
Wellington, Ohio 44090

(440) 647-3318

11' Wide and 12' Wide park models by Canterbury

North Point RV

2759 S. Prairie View Road, Business Hwy 53
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729

(715) 723-5380

Wisconsin Canterbury Park Model Dealership

Dick's RV

2 miles North of Durand on Hwy 25
Durand, Wisconsin 54736

(715) 672-4218

Wisconsin Canterbury Park Model Dealer

Canterbury RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Cold Springs RV Center and Superstore

530 Gen. John Stark Hwy South
Weare, New Hampshire 03281

(603) 529-2222

Canterbury Park Model RV Dealership

Driftwood RV Center, Atlantic City

6623 Rt. 322
Egg Harbor Twp (Atlantic City), New Jersey 08234

(888) 350-4678

New Jersey Canterbury Park Model Dealer

Driftwood RV Center

1975 Rt. 9 North Routes 9 and 83
Clermont, New Jersey 08210

(800) 624-3743

New Jersey Canterbury RV Dealer

Pete's RV Center

4016 Williston Road
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

(888) 738-3778

Canterbury by DNA

Canterbury RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Carteret RV

1082 Cedar Point Blvd.
Cedar Point, North Carolina 28584

(252) 393-2306

Carteret RV is an authorized provider of Canterbury Park homes on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina

Canterbury RV Dealers in Canada

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