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Bigfoot Industries (2010) Inc. Company Profile

The Canadian company Bigfoot Industries (2010) Inc. is a manufacturer of truck campers, travel trailers and Class C motorhomes in Armstrong, British Colombia.

Bigfoot truck campers include the 1500 Series, 2500 Series and 3000 Series. Class C motorhome models include the 3000 Series, 4000 Series and Touring Edition 30MH28TE built on a Ford E-450 chassis. Bigfoot's travel trailer models include the 2500 Series and 3000 Series. Bigfoot ceased operations in 2008 (source: Times Colonist).

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: 31
Corp Headquarters: Armstrong, BC
Chairman (Pres): Sharon Mayall
Employees: 200 (profilecanada.com 08 est)
Annual Gross Sales: $10 - $20 Million (profilecanada.com)
Market Share: (?)
Ticker Symbol: Privately Owned
Company Phone Number: (250) 546-2177
Company Website: www.bigfootrv.com

Dealer Search

Bigfoot RV Dealers in the South-Western US

RV Brokers

1841 El Camino Avenue
Sacramento (West), California 95815

(888) 550-3645

Bigfoot RV Dealer

Bigfoot RV Dealers in the North-Western US

Gib's RV Superstore

845 Ocean Blvd. NW
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

(541) 888-3424

Big Foot Truck Camper Dealership

George M Sutton RV

2400 W. 7th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97402

(800) 256-9832

Oregon Bigfoot RV Dealer

Johnson RV Sales

3905 SE 82nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97266

(503) 258-9339

Oregon Bigfoot RV Dealership

Bigfoot RV Dealers in the Mountain States

Camping Country RV

9439 Bandley Drive
Fountain, Colorado 80817

(888) 278-4386

Bigfoot RV Dealer

Big Sky RV Inc.

8466 Huffine Lane
Bozeman, Montana 59718

(406) 587-0039

Montana Bigfoot RV Dealer

Bigfoot RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Bigfoot RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Bigfoot RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Bigfoot RV Dealers in Canada

Okanagan Travel Land Ltd.

101-1720 Wharf Street
Summerland, BC V0H1Z0 Canada

(250) 494-5077

Bigfoot Dealer

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