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Timberland RV Co. (Adventure Mfg.) Company Profile

Timberland RV Company's Adventure Manufacturing, located in Peru, Indiana, is a smaller, independent RV manufacturer that specializes in towable campers and travel trailers under the model names: Cody, Limited Edition, Riverside, RPM, Sky, Timberlodge, Treasure Ship, and Wedge trailers and fifth Wheel Campers or toy haulers.

In the eight years since the company was incorporated, Adventure Manufacturing's Peru factory has built over 10,000 units. Adventure's goal was to build the "Campers' Camper" by maximizing floor space, and floor plan layout, using the latest CAD design techniques.

Company Snapshot

Years In Business: 10 (founded in 1999)
Corp Headquarters: Peru, Indiana
Chairman (CEO): Mark Gerber
Employees: 190 (2007 est)
Annual Gross Sales: $17,600,000 (05 source:
Market Share: (?) (2007 est)
Ticker Symbol: Privately Owned
Company Phone Number: (765) 475-9500
Company Website:

Dealer Search

Adventure RV Dealers in the South-Western US

Bears RV

753 Truman Street
San Fernando, California 91340

(818) 361-2500

Southern California Adventure Mfg. Camper Dealership

Adventure RV Dealers in the North-Western US

A&M RV Super Center

2225 E.5th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

(907) 279-5508

Alaska Adventure Campers Dealer

Adventure RV Dealers in the Mountain States

Adventure RV Dealers in the Mid-West

Modern Trailer Sales

2730 W. 53rd Street
Anderson, Indiana 46013

(765) 644-4497

RPM Toy Haulers by Adventure Mfg.

2020 N. 3rd Street
Terre Haute, Indiana 47804


RPM Toy Haulers and Timberlodge 5th Wheels and Trailers by Adventure Mfg.

Pleasureland RV Center

7900 Riverdale Drive
Ramsey, Minnesota 55303

(763) 422-4171

Minnesota Adventure Mfg. Dealership

Pleasureland RV St. Cloud

25064 Saint Augusta Drive
St. Cloud, Minnesota 56301

(320) 251-7588

Minnesota Adventure Mfg. Dealership

Jerry's Trailers & Campers

2601 South 13th Street
Norfolk, Nebraska 68701

(402) 371-1306

Nebraska Riverside RV by Adventure Mfg. Dealership

Camper Care Sales & Rentals

3143 St. Route 14
Edinburg, Ohio 44272

(330) 947-3210

Ohio dealer for RPM Toy Haulers by Adventure Mfg.

Adventure RV Dealers in the North-Eastern US

Lee's Trailer Ranch

171 West Road, RT 83
Ellington, Connecticut 06029

(866) 431-8210

Adventure Mfg RV Dealer

Flagg RV

66 West Boylston Street Rt. 12
West Boylston, Massachusetts 01583

(508) 835-3190

Adventure Mfg. Travel Trailers

Bob's Camper & RV, Inc.

2810 Hancock Road
Williamstown, Massachusetts 01267

(888) 262-7226

Adventure Mfg. Travel Trailers

Flagg RV

229 Quaker Highway Route 146A
North Smithfield, Rhode Island 02896

(401) 765-5100

Adventure Mfg. Travel Trailers

Dodd RV

4705 Portsmouth Blvd.
Portsmouth, Virginia 23701

(877) 936-3378

Virginia Adventure Manufacturing RV Dealership

Dodd RV

7023 George Washington Memorial Hwy.
Yorktown, Virginia 23692

(757) 833-3633

Virginia Adventure Manufacturing RV Dealership

Adventure RV Dealers in the South-Eastern US

Sagon RV Supercenter Rentals & Sales

3438 Pelham Pkwy
Pelham, Alabama 35124

(205) 664-6745

Adventure Mfg Dealer

Crabtree RV Center

400 Heather Lane
Alma, Arkansas 72921

(800) 251-6816

Adventure Mfg Dealer

Sagon RV Supercenter

172 Van Mar Boulevard
Jackson, Georgia 30233

(800) 433-6626

Adventure Mfg Dealer

Primeaux RV

4715 NW Evangeline Trwy
Carencro, Louisiana 70520

(800) 949-7418

Dealer for Timberlodge, RPM by Adventure Mfg.

Adventure RV Dealers in Canada

VR St-Cyr LtŽe

3465 Ch. de l'Industrie
St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, QuŽbec, J3G 4S5

(450) 446-3660

Timberland, Adventure Manufacturing Dealer

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