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This RV dealership locator and search directory page is for the state of Connecticut, with dealers and service centers listed by major region, county and city. This page includes dealers in the cities of Bridgeport, Bristol, Danbury, East Hampton, Ellington, Hartford, Southington, North Stonington, Plainfield, Windsor Locks and Wolcott.

We have tried to list each major RV dealership, repair facility and service center in Connecticut, providing all of their relevant contact information, including the dealer's name, address, city, town, county, state, region, web address and a convenient map link to their location. If there is a dealership that you are aware of, which is not on this list, please help us improve our database by going to the add a dealership section at the bottom of the main search page.

Connecticut RV Dealers

Map of Connecticut

RV Dealers in Bristol, Connecticut

Crowley RV Center

9 Barber Street
Bristol, Connecticut 06010

(860) 261-3050

Class A Diesel/Gas & Class C Motorhomes

Bounder by Fleetwood, Winnebago

Redman's Trailer Sales

497 Broad Street
Bristol, Connecticut 06010


Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Tent Trailers

Carry-On Trailers, Homesteader Cargo Trailers, Skyline RV, Starcraft RV

RV Dealers in Bridgeport, Connecticut

No Listings

RV Dealers in Danbury, Connecticut

Dave's RV Center

2 Industrial Plaza Road
Danbury, Connecticut 06810

(877) 483-3866

Class A Diesel/Gas & Class C Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers

Forest River, Newmar, Pilgrim

RV Dealers in East Hampton, Connecticut

Gustine's RV Sales & Service

71 Mott Hill Road
East Hampton, Connecticut 06424

(860) 267-5364

Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Park Trailers

Aerolite and Denali by Thor, Dutchmen, Trophy, Willow Creek by Hy-Line, Woodland Park

All Truck-n-RV Ltd.

239 West High Street (Route 66)
East Hampton, Connecticut 06424

(860) 267-0000

Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers

Coyote Lite, Coyote MXT Sportster, Sportsmen, Sportsmen Sportster by KZ Recreational Vehicles

RV Dealers in Ellington, Connecticut

Lee's Trailer Ranch

171 West Road, RT 83
Ellington, Connecticut 06029

(866) 431-8210

Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Campers

Adventure, Arctic Fox, Coachmen, DoubleTree DRV, EZ Dumper, Four Winds, Haulmark, Jayco, Lance, LoadRite, Puma, Riverside, RPM, Surveyor

RV Dealers in Hartford, Connecticut

No Listings

RV Dealers in North Stonington, Connecticut

Highland Orchards RV Sales

118 Pendelton Hill Road RT#49
North Stonington, Connecticut 06359

(860) 599-5101

Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Park Trailers

Cedar Creek, Cherokee, Cherokee Wolfpack by Forest River; Coachmen, King of the Road; Nomad by Skyline

RV Dealers in Plainfield, Connecticut

Hi-Way Campers, Inc.

992 Norwich Road
Plainfield, Connecticut 06374

(800) 524-8978

Class A Diesel/Gas & Class C Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Park Trailers

Coachmen, Dutch Park, Forest River, Georgie Boy, Heartland RV, Hy-Line, Keystone RV, Kropf, Skyline RV, R-Vision

RV Dealers in Southington, Connecticut

Hemlock Hill R.V. Sales

2123 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike
Southington, Connecticut 06489

(860) 621-8983

Class A Diesel/Gas & Class C Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers

Coachmen, Coleman, Forest River, Gulf Stream, Heartland RV, Keystone RV, R-Vision

RV Dealers in Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Long View RV Superstores

27 Lawnacre Road
Windsor Locks, Connecticut 06096

(413) 247-9314

Class A Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Class B, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers

Damon, Dutchmen, Forest River, Four Winds, Gulf Stream, Heartland, Jayco, Keystone RV, Monaco, Starcraft, Thor, Travel Supreme, Weekend Warrior

RV Dealers in Wolcott, Connecticut

Top of the Hill RV

1623 Wolcott Road (Route 69)
Wolcott, Connecticut 06716

(203) 879-4533

Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Folding Campers, Truck Campers


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