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Warning Triangle Set - Emergency Signaling Device

Warning Triangle Set

Traffic Safety Product Overview

Warning Triangles are one of those necessary RV accessories that should be carried in every RV. A set of three triangles are the universally recognized signal for help. They are fashioned with both fluorescent and reflective strips for maximum visibility warning effective day or night. The triangles also come with a weighted base and stand assembly to withstand 40 mph winds. They need no batteries and the reflectors are sealed from dust and moisture.

The Problem

If your vehicle becomes disabled and you are parked on the side of any road, be it freeway or back road (or anything in between) you must be able to warn other drivers traveling on that road that your vehicle is ahead, stopped on the side of the road and disabled. Other drivers may not notice your vehicle parked on the side of the road even when it is in plain sight. You must be able to let others that you're there to help prevent accidents.

The Solution

The Warning Triangle Set is an absolute traffic-safety necessity that addresses the above problem. If you must stop on the road or on the shoulder of a road when your vehicle becomes disabled for any reason, you should always be prepared to put out your set of 3 reflective triangles within ten minutes to warn other drivers in both directions that you are stopped and disabled.


The Warning Triangle Set comes in a heavy plastic case and obviously must be removed prior to use. Each triangle is then assembled and erected in triangular fashion and turned perpendicular to its weighted base so that it will stand upright when placed on the ground. If on a two lane undivided road and on the traffic side of the disabled vehicle, the triangles are to be placed approximately 100 feet behind and ahead of the vehicle on the shoulder or in the lane you are stopped in. The third triangle should be placed within ten feet of the front or rear corner in the direction that traffic will be approaching from, in order to mark the location of the disabled vehicle.

Warning Triangle Set - Diagrams

If the disabled vehicle is located on a divided road back beyond any hill, curve, or other obstruction that prevents other drivers from seeing the disabled vehicle, triangles are to be placed behind the disabled vehicle at 10 feet and 500 feet with the third triangle 100 feet in front.

Warning Triangle Set - Diagrams

If you must stop on or by a one-way divided highway, place the warning triangles at 10 feet, 100 feet and 200 feet toward the approaching traffic.

Caution: Always watch for, and avoid oncoming traffic. When putting out the triangles, hold them between yourself and the oncoming traffic lane for your own safety, and so other drivers can see you.

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