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Tow Car Shield

Tow Car Shield

RV Product Overview

The Tow Car Shield from Coastline Cover Co. is the ultimate in protection for your tow car, with dent-resistant material that fits over a vehicle’s grill, bumper, underbody, hood and windshield. This is the one piece shield that works. The top quality heavyweight vinyl will keep your tow car from looking like the craterous surface of the moon after a cross-country trip.

The Problem

Sooner or later the tow vehicle behind the motorhome, if unprotected, is going to take a beating from debris being kicked up from the rear tires of the motorhome. This is especially true if you travel on back roads, unpaved roads, gravel roads, roads under construction, freshly oiled or freshly paved roads or any other loose roadway surface. This can be a serious problem for those owners who care about safeguarding their tow vehicle’s worth and good looks.

Tow Car Shield Close-Up

The Solution

The Tow Car Shield is the bullet proof solution to the above problem with its large coverage area that virtually encapsulates of the entire front of the tow car. The shield also helps counter the discoloring and depreciating effects of the sun.

The Tow Car Shield features a soft felt-backed undercoating that makes it easy to put in place. Tow Car Shield comes with a 100% lifetime free repair or replacement warranty and a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed trial period.

Tow Car Shield Installation

Installation and Operation

The Tow Car Shield fastens into place with with self-tensioning fasteners. There’s a separate pair of straps reserved just for the windshield. The logic behind that second set of straps is that you need to see out to drive the car or truck into hitching position. It installs in about 5 minutes. The Tow Car Shield fits most vehicles.

Note of Caution: It should be noted that you can only drive the tow vehicle very minimally (hooking and unhooking only) with the Tow Car Shield in place, as it completely blocks air from getting to the engine and driving it (with the Shield on) may cause serious damage to the engine.

Purchase directly from the manufacturer website:

Coastline Cover Company
2807-A East Guasti Road, Guasti, CA 91743

Toll free telephone number: (800) 216-1664


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