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M & G Engineering - M&G RV Tow Car Braking System

M & G RV MotorHome Tow Car Braking System

M&G RV Tow-Car Braking System Overview

The M&G Car Braking System is a pneumatically operated auxiliary braking system for towed vehicles. M&G Braking Systems are the most effective brake system on the market today. M&G Engineering offers two basic models: air (for coaches with air brakes) and hydraulic (for coaches with hydraulic brakes). Since I have air brakes on my coach, this review is specific to the air model only.

The Problem

Most tow car braking systems either have a large control box that must be placed on the floor of the tow vehicle with an arm that extends to the brake pedal and operates through a 12 volt connection via the cigarette lighter. They are cumbersome and a hassle to deal with and a rather large item to store when not in use.

M & G RV MotorHome Tow Car Braking System

The Solution

The M & G Braking System is a quick and simple system that requires only the connecting of an air line between the rear of the coach and front of the tow vehicle to operate. Additionally, the company boasts of testing that shows a 1/3rd less stopping distance with the M & G System installed as compared to other conventional braking systems.

M & G RV MotorHome Tow Car Braking System

Installation and Operation

Installation is a bit complicated, but do-it-yourselfers can tackle this by following the installation instructions. Basically, the central component of the M & G System is an air-over hydraulic cylinder that is installed between the towed vehicle's brake vacuum booster and the master brake cylinder. A 1/4 inch air line is then installed in the inlet port of the M & G cylinder and then routed to a male air connector which must be mounted on the front end of the car. The connection to the coach is a bit more complicated as the 1/4 inch supply line is routed from the rear brake relay valve to a female air connector which must be mounted at the rear of the coach.

To operate the system, simply hook up the connection between the male and female ends with the air hose connection that is provided with the system. When the coaches air brakes are applied the tow car's brakes are applied likewise. Personally, I wouldn't try to install the system myself as I had it installed by an M & G technician and would advise others without intimate knowledge of the coaches air braking system to do likewise.

M & G RV MotorHome Tow Car Braking System Diagram

Note: There are some vehicles that will not accept the M & G Brake System such as certain GM and Chrysler vehicles equipped with a modular ABS (antilock braking system) and master cylinder in one assembly. To be certain which vehicles will accept the M&G System please call M & G at 1-800-817-7698.

Warning! Always consult with a professional RV mechanic, your vehicle owner's manual, and/or your authorized RV dealer BEFORE installation, to make sure this type of control-unit is totally compatible with your RV/tow-car setup. Improper or inappropriate installation could cause serious injury or death. This website disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, safety and/or reliability of this product.

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