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Splendide Ariston RV Washer & Dryer 120V Review

Splendide Ariston RV Washer & Dryer - MotorHome

RV Product Overview

The latest product from Splendide is their Ariston 120V Collection Stack washer/dryer. We love our Splendide All-In-One Combo Washer/Dryer that came with our motorhome. It is a great product and gets our clothes cleaner than most home units, however it takes a long time to do the laundry in the RV due to the fact that one must first wash then dry.

Splendide's new Ariston 120V Collection features a separate washer/dryer stack unit that will allow the RVer do both wash and dry simultaneously with 1/3rd more capacity than with the Combo unit.

The Problem

The main two problems with the Splendide Combo Washer / Dryer are capacity and the time it takes to do a load of laundry.

The Solution

The new Splendide Ariston 120V Collection RV Stack Washer and Dryer is the answer to the above two problems. Additionally they do not have to be in a stacked configuration, but can also be located side-by-side. These are the only 120V, 24 inch wide pair that can launder up to 13 pounds of laundry and have more options than any other 120V stacking pair. They feature the biggest dryer opening for easier loading and unloading as well as the largest capacity dryer in its class.

Splendide Ariston RV Washer & Dryer - MotorHome

Installation and Operation

Installation should probably be done professionally as it involves connecting to the motorhome's plumbing and electrical systems and a step-by-step guide will be provided from the manufacturer. Specs include 120V/13 Amp electrical Triphase output and a washer that uses a modest 16 gallons of water, so obviously it's best that the RVer be at a site with water, so as not to use stored fresh water for laundry. Exact unit sizes are 33" High x 23-5/8" Wide x 21-1/8" Deep. The washer weighs 159 pounds and the dryer is 78 pounds. Both feature 4 adjustable feet, stylish round 10-1/2" glass doors and easy to use round knobs and buttons. Both are available in white only and are easy to keep clean. Operation usage is clearly explained in the operation manuals that are included.

Splendide Ariston RV Stack Washer & Dryer - MotorHome

Learn more about this new product at:

Product Brochure: Ariston PDF

Or contact:

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Westland Sales
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Splendide Ariston RV Stack or Side-bySide Washer & Dryer - MotorHome

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