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RV Water Heater Flushing Tool

RV Water Heater Flushing Tool

Water-Heater Flushing Tool Overview

This is another of those RV accessories that should come standard with every RV water heater. It is an indispensable tool that enables the user to be able to thoroughly clean accumulated debris from the bottom of the RV water heater tank. You will notice that by simply draining the water from the water heater there is about an inch of residual water that will not drain as the drain plug is about an inch higher than the bottom of the tank.

With the use of the RV Water Heater Flushing Tool you will be able to flush out trapped sediments which lay below your water heaterŐs drain line.

RV Water Heater Flushing Tool

The Problem

Hard water deposits are the prime cause of RV water heater tank failure after only 4-7 years of average tank life. By allowing the sediment to accumulate on the bottom of the water tank, it will eventually deteriorate the tank bottom and walls requiring its eventual costly replacement.

The Solution

Flushing your water heater tank twice a year helps prolong tank life by washing away harmful sediments. With the use of the RV Water Heater Flushing Tool the owner is able to easily flush all of the sediment from the sides and bottom of the hot water heater tank Molded plastic construction never rusts.

RV Water Heater Flushing Tool

Installation and Operation

The 13 inch long RV Water Heater Flushing Tool simply connects to your fresh water hose and features a handy on / off valve. Just drain the water heater as described in the Tech Talk entitled Flushing (Winterizing) Hot Water Heater. Following that, insert the RV Water Heater Flushing Tool into drain hole and flush out sediment. Let the water run for several minutes until clear water is flowing out of the drain hole.

This process should be done at least twice a year, unless you are in an area, such as the Southwest, where the water is particularly hard, in which case this should be performed every couple of months to prolong the life of your water tank.

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