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RV EzLevel | MotorHome Leveling

RV EzLevel - MotorHome Leveling

RV Product Overview

This innovative product is ideal for making sure that your coach is leveled accurately making it easy to visually confirm that you are indeed level after leveling with your existing motorhome's leveling system. Once you use the RV ExLevel you will never have to go back to using an old fashioned bubble level.

The Problem

I have noticed that when you level your coach using the internal leveling system, that sometimes it does not level accurately or the coach comes out of level due to settling of the jacks into softer ground. When this happens you have to take out an old fashioned bubble level and put it in the center of the coach on the floor and first check the level side-to-side go adjust the coach for that level then check the level front-to-back then go back and confirm level in that direction and constantly adjust and readjust to get it perfect.

The Solution

With the EzLevel you can sit in the driver's seat and observe the EzLevel that is placed back in the center of the coach. You can watch as the EzLevel indicates level on both axes simultaneously. You can then adjust the motorhome's level manually and from the same position (in the driver's seat) check the level visually simply by observing whether the red light is on at any axis (indicating out-of-level) or whether the green light is on at any axis (indicating level). The use of the EzLevel eliminates the need to run back and forth from the leveling controller to check the bubble level which you've placed in the center of the coach to determine if the coach is level.

Installation and Operation

After placing 3AA batteries in the battery compartment simply place the RV EZLevel on the floor of your RV. Push the start button and watch the indicator lights. As you start to level your RV with your existing leveling system, red flashing indicator lights on the RV EZLevel let you know which side is low. When the RV is level all indicator lights go green. The RV EZLevel uses a unique design and reliable solid state electronics which automatically shuts off when not in use, extending the life of the 3AA batteries.

To view and purchase the RV EzLevel directly from the manufacturer, RV Innovations, simply click on the link below:

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