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Wheel Balancing - Centramatic Tire Balancers

Centramatic Tire Balancers

RV Product Overview

This unique tire and wheel balancing system will keep the tires balanced constantly thereby maximizing the life of the tires and because the tire then never gets out of balance the ride is much smoother. This device automatically balances the tire while you drive and adjusts instantly for changing conditions.

The Problem

Tires on the RV can become out of balance over time. This can shorten the life of the tire and cause vibration problems as well as cause tire cupping. Any of these problems can also cause the tires to overheat creating a potentially dangerous situation.

The Solution

The solution is the Centramatic Tire and Wheel Balancers. Centramatic "ON-BOARD" Balancers permanently mount to the vehicle, (between the wheel and hub on the front and between the wheels on the dual rear). The product uses centrifugal force and deflection from rotation to automatically distribute free moving weights (durametal and synthetic dampening fluid) sealed in the balancer. These free moving weights or balancing media, precisely balance the entire assembly. This includes the tire, wheel, hub, drum/rotor even rocks in the tread or mud, snow and ice stuck to the wheels.

By using these Centramatic Balancers, your tire life can be extended 25% to 50%. Vibration problems are solved. The Centramatic automatically balances the tires while being driven. They help prevent cupping and the tires run 8% to 10 % cooler.

Centramatic Tire Balancer Installation

Installation and Operation

Installation must be done professionally and once installed the RV can be driven normally and with the confidence that the tires are always balanced.

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