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The Buddy Bowl | Spill-Proof Water Bowl for Pets

The Buddy Bowl - Spill-Proof Water Bowl for Pets

Product Overview

Traveling with your pets is one of the most enjoyable aspects of RVing. There are certain special items that help to make this experience more fun and less of a mess than it might be. One such item is the Buddy Bowl. It's unique design holds half a gallon of water and will not spill, splash, shosh out or tip over.

The Buddy Bowl can even be turned completely upside down without spilling. Both dogs and cats can easily drink out of it even in a moving car, pet carrier or RV with no mess for their owners to clean up.

The Problem

While traveling especially in hot weather or on long distances between rest stops pets need to keep hydrated. If regular bowls filled with water for pets use are placed on the floor of the motorhome during travel they have a tendency to tip over or spill either from the motion of the vehicle or from a rambunctious pet. Obviously this can also happen in any vehicle, such as a car or pick-up truck.

The Solution

An ingenious solution to this problem is The Buddy Bowl. This three part bowl features a unique design that will not tip over nor will water spill out of it even if it is carried at almost a 90 degree angle. The main bowl is flat on the bottom and holds the water. Inside of the main bowl is an inner upside down cone or funnel shaped flange with a hole in the center of it that fits tightly at the outer edge and is held in place with an upper lipped ring that features a 3" hole in the center to allows even the largest pet's nose and mouth inside to drink from.

The inner edge of the Buddy Bowl's upper ring is shaped downward such that water cannot spill out of it and yet the pet can conveniently drink from it and because of it's flat bottom it cannot be easily tipped over. Additionally the Buddy Bowl is dishwasher safe and will not break even when frozen.

Installation and Operation

Of course when new all of the parts should be thoroughly washed prior to use. There are no special tools required to fit the three parts of the Buddy Bowl together. The bottom bowl is placed on a flat surface and the funnel shaped inner flange is placed inside with the funnel facing down towards the bottom of the bowl and lastly the outer ring is placed on top and snapped into place. The Buddy Bowl is now ready for use. Simply fill the bowl with fresh water until the standing water approximately half fills the cone. This amount will be about half a gallon when full. It is best to now put it in a convenient place that it will not slide around. The dog or cat can now use it with little or no hassle once they get used to it, which will be almost immediately.

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The Orginal Buddy Bowl - 1/2 Gallon

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