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Roadmaster Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar

Roadmaster MotorHome Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar

RV Suspension Product Overview

One of the best safety tips that I've ever received since entering the world of RVing was to have a rear suspension anti-sway bar installed on our coach. Many of today's coaches come from the factory with the front anti-sway bar already installed, but (for some reason, probably cost saving) the rear suspension anti-sway bar is left off and must be acquired as an after market product.

The Roadmaster (formerly iPd) Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar is one of the best in the industry, featuring a lifetime warranty. The purpose of this product will improve on a rig's handling and stability, and that's the goal behind the motorhome suspension packages from Roadmaster. The Roadmaster Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar kit can turn a rig with acceptable handling characteristics into a lean, mean, driving machine that handles the road with exceptional stability.

The Problem

Because coaches, unlike big rig 18 wheelers, are virtually a solid mass from top to bottom, they are greatly susceptible to being blown sideways in very windy conditions or when being passed by big rig 18 wheelers in either direction. 18 wheeler big rigs traveling down the highway push a mass of air away from them that causes other vehicles to be pushed away from that mass. The faster these large trucks travel going down the road the more the vehicle going in the opposite direction is pushed to the side. Cars and pick-up trucks are not affected nearly as much as a 40+ foot motorhome.

Because of it's length and solid mass, the rear of the motorhome (without a rear anti-sway bar) is the part that gets pushed sideways with the most force when approached and passed by a big rig going in the opposite direction. This event can be very unnerving for driver of the motorhome and one that causes great (white knuckled) apprehension when a truck approaches. This also occurs during conditions where there are strong and gusty cross winds and the motorhome driver must "hold on for dear life" just to keep the coach on the road and in the lane. As one gains more experience behind the wheel one gains the confidence to deal with these situations, but for the inexperienced driver either of these conditions can be a rather frightening experience.

Roadmaster Anti-Sway Bar Installation

The Solution

The Roadmaster Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar is the solution to the above problem. It creates stability and greatly increases driver confidence during gusty cross wind conditions or when being approached and passed by large trucks going in either direction. In comparing the drivability of the coach without the Rear Anti-Sway Bar to its performance with the Rear Anti-Sway Bar, the difference is amazing. One can hardly feel the effect of large trucks passing in either direction after installation of the Roadmaster Rear Anti-Sway Bar. Plus in gusty cross wind conditions the effects of the wind are greatly minimized as well.

Roadmaster MotorHome Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar

Installation and Operation

Installation of the Roadmaster Rear Suspension Anti-Sway Bar kit should only be done by a professional authorized dealer of this product. Below, please simply click on the link to find authorized dealers and installers throughout the United States and Canada:

Once installed, the operator simply drives the motorhome with much more confidence and much less apprehension of these everyday road occurrences. This greatly increases the enjoyment and safety of driving the coach.

Caution: Always consult with a professional RV mechanic, your owner's manual, and/or your authorized RV dealer BEFORE installation, to insure compatibility and safety. This website disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, safety and/or reliability of this product.

Roadmaster Product Information:

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