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Alligator V2B Valve Caps | Easily Check Your Tire Pressure

Alligator V2B Valve Caps

Product Overview

The ALLIGATOR Double Seal Valve Cap V2B is a valve cap for motorhome or big rig that allows tires to be checked and air pressure to be increased or decreased without removing a valve cap. It is very important to check the tire pressure of each tire on a motorhome at least once a day before departure or when the tires are cold as incorrect tire pressure can cause tire overheating or excessive wear.

The Problem

One big problem is that motorhome owners get lazy and forget to check the tire pressure or assume that the tire pressure is OK just because the tires look OK. It should be an imperative part of every pre-trip inspection performed prior to every daily departure that a motorhome owner/operator check the pressure in each tire with a tire gauge. In order to perform this function the valve cap must be removed which exposes the valve stem to which a tire gauge can be attached and the tire pressure read from the tire pressure gauge.

Sometimes the valve caps are difficult to remove due to possibly an awkward positioning of the valve stem within the tire rim (especially on the inside rear dual tire), cold weather or valve caps that have seized up and which can only be removed with great difficulty. Additionally and frequently owner/operators forget to be replace the standard valve caps following the checking of air pressure and they are ultimately lost. This can cause a slow leak of air pressure from the tires causing a potentially dangerous situation that can lead to tire overheating.

Alligator V2B Valve Caps

The Solution

The solution is the 'ALLIGATOR' Double Seal Valve Cap V2B. This unique valve cap allows the owner/operator to check the tire pressure as well as to inflate or deflate the tires through the sealing valve cap. It is used in place of a standard valve cap and does not have to be removed or replaced to check air pressure or to add or release air pressure from the tire. The Alligator V2B with it's double sealing feature seals like a high pressure cap and performs like a check valve in which the seal becomes tighter in the event of core failure.

The Alligator Double Seal Valve Cap also features all metal housing, a durable self sealing O-Ring and precision brass components. Of special note......there are imitations out there, so don't be fooled by a cheap look-a-like. Look for the words "Alligator" stamped on the base of the V2B. Additionally and of special note.....for big rig 18 wheelers, these valve caps will save an enormous amount of time when all of the tires need to be checked!!

Alligator V2B Valve Caps

Installation and Operation

The installation is very simple and requires no special tools. First check to see that the valve stem is not damaged or that the core pin does not protrude above the mouth of the valve core. Note that if the stem does extend above the core mouth, it will have to be replaced or the V2B will not work properly. Then, simply unscrew the original standard valve cap on top of the valve stem on each tire and replace it with the Alligator V2B which is threaded and screws on in place of the original. The V2B is the new valve cap and no additional cap is used. It only needs to be screwed on to the valve stem, finger tight. Do not use pliers. I would suggest that for the extra minimal cost it is wise to carry an extra set of Alligator V2B's in the coach, in case of theft.

Once installed the operation and usage is very simple. Simply check tire pressure with the use of a tire gauge and inflate (or deflate) directly through the Alligator V2B without the removal of any cap whatsoever. The 3/4" long V2B is long enough for easy attachment of a pressure gauge and is grooved on top to accommodate various lock-on chucks and automatic inflation devices.

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