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Thumbs Up Soap Saver & DryBar Soap Holder

The DryBar Soap Holder

RV Product Overview

This nifty gadget is perfect for any RV. This RV accessory mounts to the wall of your shower and keeps your soap from sitting in a soap dish full of water and getting scummy. According to the manufacturer, the bar soap will last up to 22% longer in the Thumbs Up Soap Saver or Dry Bar Soap Holder than in a conventional soap dish or the bar of soap sitting on the shower bench. This is another product that will keep your RV shower neater and cleaner. Additionally, the Thumbs Up Soap Saver and DryBar Soap Holder can be used to neatly and conveniently hold various other types of items used in the shower such as razors, hair brushes, body scrubbers and items used elsewhere such as tools or steel wool.

The Problem

I have found that it is always a hassle to put the bar soap in a soap dish in the shower of the RV. When traveling, it invariably falls out. When stored, the soap dish gets funky and scummy and the soap itself sitting in any amount of water will disintegrate or melt very rapidly.

The Solution

The Thumbs Up Soap Saver or DryBar Soap Holder is just the solution to help make your bar soap last as long as possible and provide a convenient and unique soap storage spot in your shower. With the Thumbs Up or DryBar you will no longer experience the conventional messy soap dish. It functions to keep your RV shower cleaner and neater.

The Thumbs Up or DryBar is self draining so no wall streaks or heavy soap residue build-up will occur. Additionally, the DryBar can be used to conveniently store other items such as tools, body scrubbers, shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair brushes, and a variety of other items in your home, RV, camper or boat.

The DryBar Soap Holder


There are no special tools needed to mount the Thumbs Up or DryBar Soap Dish. For best results, the area should be clean and dry and free of oily or soapy film. The Thumbs Up or DryBar can be mounted on ceramic tile, porcelain tubs and sinks, fiberglass, shower-type paneling and metal. I found that it is best to first clean the surface with alcohol and wipe dry prior to applying the Thumbs Up or DryBar to the wall using the tape backing that is included. Peel off the thin paper backing from the tape. Line up soap holder so that the tape will contact a flat surface. Avoid placing the tape over cracks or grouting. Place the Thumbs Up or DryBar Soap Holder on the wall and press firmly for 30 seconds. this item weighs less than one pound and its dimensions are 5-1/2 inches long by 3-1/2 inches wide by 1-3/4 inches deep.

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