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Coleman-Mach Chillgrille - RV A/C Filter & Grill Review

Coleman-Mach Chillgrille - RV AC Filter & Grill

RV AC Filter Overview

The Coleman-Mach Chillgrille ceiling assembly allows you to divert the cold air supply from the internal duct system of your RV directly into the living space through the use of the specially designed direct flow louver system.

The Chillgrille also offers you the exclusive EZReach filter system that provides quick access to the included washable air filter.

The Problem

Generally the air conditioner that comes with your RV only provides cold air air into the RV through a system of small outlets evenly spaced on the ceiling. Therefore, it usually takes quite a bit of time to cool the entire coach or RV with the standard air conditioning system.

The Solution

The Coleman-Mach Chillgrille solves the above problem by providing a specially designed direct flow louver system that allows you to divert the cold air supply from the internal duct system of your RV directly into the living space thereby cooling the RV in much less time than with the standard OEM air conditioning system.

This clever RV accessory is designed with the do-it-yourself RV owner in mind and, following easy installation, allows the user to cool the RV and direct a high volume of cold air in a specific direction for maximum comfort inside the RV in hot weather.

Coleman-Mach Chillgrille - Installation

Installation and Operation

The instructions included are fairly straightforward and are easy to understand and follow. Basically the only tools required are a phillips head screw driver and a flat head screw driver, although a screw gun makes the installation much easier.

Coleman-Mach Chillgrille - Final Installation

Once the Chillgrille is installed, simply open or close the three louvers contained within the perimeter of the grille to achieve the desired level of airflow through the grille. Opening the louvers (A) will place a great deal of conditioned air into the living space below and adjacent to the Chillgrille. Closing the louvers (B) will allow the conditioned air to flow completely through the ceiling duct system.

RV AC Grill Louvers

As with all air conditioning systems, it is recommended that you check and clean the washable filter frequently. If you utilize your RV in dusty conditions, check the filter more often.

SPECIAL NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: I have found that the instructions included in the Chillgrille do not fully explain the importance of the necessity of constant maintenance of the washable filter. The instructions state that the washable filter should be checked and cleaned at least once a month or more often if you utilize your RV in dusty conditions. This is not nearly enough. If you are using your air conditioner regularly in a warm or hot climate and especially if you travel with your pets, you must check and clean your filter weekly.

We have two air conditioners in our motorhome and installed Chillgrilles in both the bedroom and in the main living area. It makes an enormous difference in that the space cools much quicker and the cool air is directed much more efficiently, however it should be noted that the washable filter of the Chillgrille is 55% smaller than the original filter but is still filtering the same amount of air through the return.

With the normal amount of dust, pet hair, etc. being drawn into the smaller filtered space of the return air, it accumulates this airborne debris much quicker and will become clogged much faster. In a week after installation and under almost constant use in very hot and humid weather, I noticed a slight laboring of the air conditioning unit in the bedroom (a 50% smaller space than the living room area) and subsequently checked both of the filters. I found that the bedroom filter was severely clogged and the living area filter moderately clogged. I removed and cleaned both filters with water from the sprayer in my utility bay and gently shook them dry and patted them dry with a towel.

Following that I re-installed both filters and both units again ran perfectly. The main point is to check and clean the filters weekly or even more frequently if you are using the air conditioners constantly, especially if you begin to notice any laboring or uneven sound coming from the air conditioning units. Failure to perform this constant maintenance, could result in serious damage to your air conditioning unit(s).

NOTE: Check your rating panel for your A/C series model number to determine whether the Series 8000 or Series 7000 adapts to your A/C unit type.

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